The University of Stanford School of Medicine has a showcase of images of tobacco ads from the days of yore. All of which cleverly hide the hazards of smoking. I remember listening to old radio shows (no, I’m not white-haired), like ‘The  Shadow”  via some updated version of media, thank you. In between they had voice ads (of course, it was radio) with someone stating “doctors recommend Camel cigarettes”. Doctors! Recommending cigarettes. I know, it’s crazy.

Toasted? What are they sesame seeds or marshmallows?

Rock Hudson, a dog, and a better disposition. Smoking helps you feel less bitchy. Yea, cause your addicted. I love how the wife’s husband is transformed into a barking dog, sans cigarette, but by smoking you can transform into Rock Hudson and be as cool as a cucumber. Is that Lassie with him?

Using babies. They should be ashamed of themselves.

Go to The University of Stanford site to see all the ads and read all about the psychology behind them. It’s pretty interesting stuff.