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A collection of twenty five cool book covers for inspiration.

Tetsumi Kudo: Garden of Metamorphosis

Y: The Last Man Series by Brian K. Vaughan

Evolution, design by Emma Wallace

The Craftsman, design by Coralie Bickford-Smith

Imprint, design by Daniel Eatock


Sunset Weed by Corey Bigler

Mystic Forest by Kristoff

Borderline by Carola Lundmark

Road in Winter by Piotr Mizera

Floating by Bror Johansson

Blue Ice by Philippe Gilotte

Canal du Midi 2 by Lucio Crignloa

Winther Morning by Kim Ahler

View Out by Dare Trunsek

Cherry Trees in Flowers by Klaus Leidorf

Alone by Michael Holmberg

God in the Gutter by Kscott

bu Lesezek Paradowski

Leaf by Bogdan Boev

The Flame Of The Forest by Mark Vincent Müller

Fern in Fog by Saeful Hasyim

Between The Trees by Peter Van Allen

Under That Awesome Japanese Maple Tree by Saldous

Coral Plant by Jungle Mama

A daily dose of eye candy to highlight amazing artworks we find for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

by Louisa Jenkinson, Lemur catta, 2009

by Angela Cavalieri, Isola, 2007

by Angela Cavalieri, Passaggi Scritti, 2007

by Katherine Hattam, Art and Nature, 2008

by Jennifer Mills, Palette (King Vulture)

by Slauz D

by Aaron Algon

by Funrama

by Mintcakes

by Igor Ching San

by Hoyhoykung

by Puda Party

by Celarent

by Gavade

by Janice Sparkman

by Scott Purdy