Just imagine the patience one has to have to make such sculptures out of paper. His work is quite amazing.

Kinz+Tillou describes his work:  “Brian Dettmer sifts through stacks of old books, boxes of dusty cassette tapes, and piles of obsolete maps to uncover the perfect source and subject for his conceptual explorations and sculptural dissections. Dettmer alters pre-existing materials by selectively removing and manipulating elements as a way to allow new interpretations and ideas to emerge. With the precision of a surgeon, Dettmer uses clamps, scalpels and tweezers to recontextualize his found objects and reveal hidden meanings.”

To see more of his work you can visit the Kinz+Tillou Fine Art, the Packer Schoft Gallery, or Toomey Tourell Fine Art. He is also has a Flickr page.